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Hotels and AirBnB's

Travel and Tourism is Back!!

Global Bookings By Violet, a signature of excellence. We provide the highest level of standards in Booking hotels, AirBnB's, Meetings  and Conferences.  We pride ourselves in the ability to meet all our clients needs. Customize your travel and experience the highest standards for your best experience. Each of our clients receive the best experience domestic and/or abroad.  

Conferences, Events and Hybrid Meetings 

The game-changer!!
Post-Covid-19, Global Bookings By Violet transitioned into the new norm, by taking all measures to find the right venue for your meetings, conferences & events, in order to meet your needs. Hybrid meetings. Whether virtual or person to person.

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Destinations Tours and Attractions

Modern and natural scenery

Love to travel ?

A much needed vacation or just fulfilling your dreams discovering the world even while on business or pleasure.

Perhaps  the Grand Canyon, a Safari in Kenya or Tanzania, or the pristine  beaches of Bora Bora, Hawaii, discovering the Fiji Islands, perhaps a wine tour in Italy and many more...

We customize  Vacation and Tour packages based on our client's needs and of course the destination. Whether local or international.


Life in the outdoors.  Lovers of nature and it's natural beauty.

Hike, climb, camp and enjoy the magnificent nature!
Happiness on earth.

Grab your back pack, camping and hiking gear and let's go!!